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You don't have to be a pilot to Do a Barrel Roll; sometimes the camera will do it for you.

This is a visual effect thing where the camera does a barrel roll for one of a variety of reasons; to show reaction to the environment, the object/person being followed rotated, to give the viewer a sense of the action, because the cameraman actually rotated the camera around, the cameraman himself rotated, etc.

  • In one of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's notorious "Endless Eight" episodes, there's a scene near the end where the clock is ticking away the seconds until midnight when the "Groundhog Day" Loop will restart, and the camera rotates once a second to keep the clock's second hand upright. This is then followed through in all of the succeeding shots, where the camera isn't on the clock but is still rotating in the same way.
  • As seen in the opening credits of Dragon Ball.
  • Done in Luigi's Mansion before the Final Boss.
  • Done abruptly in the climax of Danger: Diabolik, as the Anti-Hero gets covered in molten gold.

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