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Eating Pet Food
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Alice and Bob are at a party and bob starts to get a little hungry. So when he sees some food on a tray he helps himself to it. Cue Alice coming over and telling Bob he just ate the pet's food. Bonus Points if Bob just shrugs and keeps eating the food.

Similar to You're Drinking Breast Milk and sub trope to I Ate WHAT?. This is the unintentional version of Dog Food Diet.

May be related to Feed By Example


  • Inverted in an early episode of Pokémon. Brock shows the gang the food he developed for Pokemon. The Cloudcuckoolander scientist who's joined them for the episode tries it (not accidentally, this is after Brock's shown it to the group) and says he likes it, but every other non-Pokemon character finds it disgusting.

  • In the beginning of A Far Off Place Harry mistakes the cat food for pate. When he finds out what he ate, he is so embarrassed he takes another bite.
  • In UHF, Weird Al's friend accidentally eats dog biscuits during the filming of a kid's TV show.
  • Happens to Fiona's dad the King in Shrek II.
  • Happened in Superman III.

Live-Action TV:
  • On The Honeymooners, Alice takes care of a dog, and heats up some dog food on the stove. Ralph and Ed find it, taste it and like it.
  • Three's Company had Mr. Roper eat some dog food he mistook for a stew Jack had whipped up.
  • The Golden Girls has Dorothy eating some Chicken food that Rose had left behind.
  • In 3rd Rock from the Sun, when Dick quits his job at the University, the aliens are reduced to eating cat food. Sally tries to convince them that they are actually eating cat, but Mary makes Tommy gag by pointing out to Dick that "Your son is eating cat food!"
  • To Tell the Truth had one of these in the color version of the '70s...there were sample dishes for the panel, and the dog food part was only revealed later. The person who had to be identified was promoting dog food as a cheaper alternative to the high meat prices of the 70s.
  • Season 1, Episode 3 of Saturday Night Live had an early "fake commercial" for "Felina Cat Food", where a woman was asked to sample tuna noodle casserole, one made with regular canned tuna, and one made with cat food. She found the cat food version "CHUNKIER! And, uh.. CREAMIER!" ... until it was revealed what she ate.
  • Benson: Big Eater Pete sees a bowl of food on the kitchen table and eats it, not knowing that it is cat food for Katies new kitten.
  • The episode of The Worst Witch where the girls receive their cats features Miss Bat eating from a tin of cat food.
  • Red Dwarf episode Marooned features Lister and Rimmer stranded on a planet where their limited emergency supplies include tins of dog food.
  • Done on Will and Grace. Justified in that Will was so obsessed with his new dog that he was actually cooking food for it on the stovetop, when Grace came by and tasted it. Her response upon being told was a croaked-out "Needs salt".

  • The last verse of Run-D.M.C.'s You Be Illin'
    For dinner, you ate it, there is none left
    It was salty, with butter, and it was def
    But Holmes, you did not read, it was a can of DOG FOOD!

Newspaper Comics:

Western Animation:
  • A tragic example with Mrs. Avery in the nineties claymation sitcom/Eddie Murphy vehicle The PJs.
  • In SpongeBob SquarePants "Missing Identity", SpongeBob comments that he as been feeding his pet snail Gary for years and doesn't even know what it tastes like. He doesn't like it, but later has to keep on eating it when he retraces his steps to find his eponymous identity.

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