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Doppleganger Dilemma Guessing Game
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Do We Have This? Seen It Amillion Times.

So, the hero is on a mission. They get separated from a member of their party. That member returns to the party, but so does an identical copy of that teammate. Now, the hero has to choose which one to trust, and which one to shoot... Let the games begin.

A commonly used Science Fiction trope.


  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Subverted. Odo and another Changeling walk in on O'brien at a critical moment and attempt to play the game with him, and he just says "screw it, I have work to do."
  • College Humor: One of their shorts involves the game with identical copies of Elizabeth Mitchell. Played with, as it's obvious from the start who the copy is, but the player is hoping to get laid, and the original isn't putting out.
  • Farscape: Heavily subverted. Crichton gets "twinned" in an episode and both Crichtons escape from a dying leviathan. No game.
  • Red Dwarf: On an asteroid infested by Psirens, Lister goes out to fix the engine, then two Listers come aboard. The crew guesses correctly, because the copy was really good at guitar, something Lister sucks at.
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