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Will Ferrell Curse
When Will Ferrell is cast in a role, in lieu of getting another actor for the job.
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A new comedy movie is in the works, and as such, the production staff want some of the biggest comedy stars in the entertainment industry in their new movie. Unfortunately, sometimes scheduling conflicts occur, and the desired actors are unavailable to take on the role, so what can they do? Hire Will Ferrell instead! Usually, the results end up with a box office bomb... curse, perhaps?

Examples are as follow:
  • When the Bewitched remake was in production, Jim Carrey was being groomed for the Darrin Stephens-esque part (for a resemblance to Dick York), however, because he was unavailable to accept the role, it went to Ferrell instead.
  • Similar case with the remake of Land of the Lost - Sid & Marty Krofft wanted Carrey for the role of Ranger Rick Marshall, however, he, once again, was unavailable at the time of production, so the Kroffts settled on Ferrell instead.
  • Deja vu with Elf; again, Carrey was among different actors who the producers wanted to play the title character of Buddy the Elf, and again, he was unavailable. In a mock-casting call to poke fun at the troubles finding another actor, one person attending the audition, who was fed up with the script supervisor's nitpicking, storms out with, "Why don't you get somebody like Will Ferrell to do this?!"
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