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The Speechless Speaks
The character who never speaks...just spoke
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There are characters who are well known for being unable, or unwilling, to speak. Then, at some crucial point in the story, they say something that needs to be said. This usually occurs at a climax, where what is said is something vital to the plot. Not to me confused with Suddenly Voiced, in which they were only mute due to the medium, or You Can Talk?, where it's something that shouldn't be able to talk.

Examples include:
  • The Simpsons episode "Stark Raving Dad" has Homer committed to a mental hospital, where he meets Chief, a Native American inmate who never speaks...until Homer says "hello" to him.
    "It was about time somebody reached out."
  • The Poopsmith from Homestar Runner cartoon had two unofficial moments before the real one:
    • In "different town," one of Strong Bad's wishes to make the town different is making him speak.
    • In "senior prom," He's the lead singer in "All The King's Men," a band made up of the King of Town's servants. But the only sings "oh yeah" at the very end, when nobody is looking.
    • Finally, in "email thunder," he sings for real in honor of Strong Bad's 200th email, complete with John Linnell providing the voice.
  • In the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Enter the Outsiders," Katana says nothing until Wildcat has a heart attack, at which point she tells everyone how to treat it. In "Inside the Outsiders," it's revealed that she doesn't like to speak because speaking at the wrong moment led to her master's death.
  • In the story mode in Chocobo Racing, the Black Magician never speaks until all the Magicite shards are collected, at which point he starts speaking Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe.
  • Tom and Jerry: The Movie has the title characters speaking when Pugsy asks them their names. Both of them are surprised that the other one can talk. According to Jerry, they never spoke before because they never had anything to say.
  • The Super Hero Squad Show has one for HERBIE: when he and Falcon are left to guard the Baxter Building, he doesn't say anything before telling Falcon which button to press.
    Falcon: How come you never talked before?!
    Herbie: Up to now, you were doin' okay.
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