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Spiritual Aliens
Aliens that are morally and spiritually superior to humans.
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On its way through outer worlds humanity encounters an extraterrestrial species who are more advanced than them. But these guys are not merely Higher-Tech Species: not only are they higher on Technology Levels, they have also learned to live in peace with each other, their surroundings, other sentient species, and with their inner selves. Often they are united by some kind of alien religion. Sometimes they posess a Lighter and Softer variant of Blue and Orange Morality, but even if some of their cultural norms are a bit repulsive to humans, in general their morality just works, and it's observable.

They tend to be Human Aliens or Rubber-Forehead Aliens (but there may be exceptions), and their worlds tends to be full of Crystal Spires and Togas.

If humans are lucky, Spiritual Aliens may act like mentors to them. But sometimes, because Humans Are Bastards, they may even try to wage a war with Spiritual Aliens, and even have a chance of winning it because of Spiritual Aliens' peacefullnes. Sometimes though, Spiritual Aliens may treat humans like worthless vermin, despite of their high morality.

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  • This trope appears in a lot of UFO religions, naturally
    • Universe People from eponymous Czech cult (pictured).

  • Kobaļans from multi-album epic by french avant-garde band Magma, but they are descendants of Earthligs.

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