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Inexplicably Well-Lit Place
A cave, tomb, or ruin has artificial lighting when it logically should not.
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So you've spent hours trekking through the Lost Woods and the Evil Swamp until, finally, you arrive at your destination: an Ancient Tomb sealed shut by 8 magical runes and two-dozen master level locks. There is no way this place has seen a living visitor in centuries at least. You break the seal on the door and...

Lit torches line the walls and candles burn on every flat surface. It's as if the undead in this place were afraid of the dark. Welcome to an Inexplicably Well-Lit Place!

This trope can also refer to any other area that shouldn't logically contain lighting such as caves, ruins, abandoned buildings, etc. This is most commonly experienced in action/adventure or RPG video games, though can show up in just about any form of visual media.

It is also an Acceptable Break from Reality since being forced to use a torch or flashlight could be too inhibiting for the player. (Ex. forcing the player to use a one-handed weapon while holding their torch.) Even in games that offer a player-held source of light, expect the area to be light enough to operate without it.

Compare to Infinite Flashlight, Blatant Item Placement and Hollywood Torches.

Compare and contrast with Hollywood Darkness where the setting is dark in-story, but is light enough so that the audience can still see.


Video Games

  • The Elder Scrolls series - Centuries old tombs inhabited only by rats and the undead will have glowing braziers and torches along the wall. Player-held light sources are available but rarely needed.

  • The Dragon Age series - Same reason as ES above.

  • Fallout Series - Post-Apocalyptic world example. Subway tunnels and abandoned buildings will still have flickering lights decades or even centuries after the war. Pip-Boy can provide light, but is rarely needed.

  • Averted in The Witcher, where all tombs are so dark, you have to navigate them blind even with maxed-out display contrast settings. The only way to fix that is using a torch or the night vision potion.
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