Cruel and Unusual Weapon

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A weapon designed to kill people in an unnessecarily painful matter.

Not to be confused with a torture device; this is definitely something that is to be used in combat.

Anime & Manga:

  • Shira from Blade of the Immortal carries a sword with the reverse-edge chopped into a saw blade. He cripples you with the blade and then has some fun with you with the saw edge.

Video Games:

  • The infamous Cerebral Bore from Turok 2, which latches onto your head, shreds your brain into pulp and then pops your skull for good measure.
  • Kaine's saw-swords from {{Nier.}} There can't be any other reason why they're edged like that...

Tabletop Games:

  • Necron weapons from Warhammer 40K vaporize the foe slowly and painfully. And I'm sure there'll be plenty more examples from that setting...

I can't believe that's all I can think, I know I've Seen It a Million Times...some help,please?
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