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Amoral Rich Association
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Up for Grabs

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A vague assumption in certain works that the world has plenty of rich people with absolutely no morals willing to spend their money on heinous activities. A slave ring for white western women is common, and probably one of the more mundane ways the Amoral Rich amuse themselves. Murder clubs or similar groups apply as well.

The trick with this trope is how organized this association is, and how nobody, clients or employees, bat an eye at the atrocities going on. One wonders how they screen potential employees, or how the Rich know which of their friends isn't likely to blow the whistle on the group.


  • The Organization from Hostel is a rather obvious one.

Editorial note: No, it isn't an obvious example to someone that knows nothing about it. No Zero Context Examples Please. Example entries should explain exactly how they apply to the trope.

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