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Rules Of War
War has rules of conduct. Their purpose may or may not be to protect innocents.
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Do We Have This One?? (The Laws and Customs of War is a specific Real Life example.) I was surprised when I couldn't find it.

Many historical cultures have had rules and customs for warfare, either unspoken or explicitly spelled out. The Laws and Customs of War is a current Real Life example whose intent is to minimize the danger to civilians, but this was not always the case. Historically, such codes have more often had rather the opposite purpose: insuring that the poor peasants suffered the brunt, so the nobles actually starting the wars wouldn't have to.

  • In Dune, warfare has a ton of regulations and etiquette, that are supposedly there to protect civilians, though in practice all they really do is help the nobles stay in power.
  • The Guild in Last Exile regulates warfare to the point that countries have to request permission to fight each other. This is mainly to keep the Guild in power by preventing any country from getting strong enough through conquest -- they find civilian casualties entertaining.
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