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Sliding Off Clock Hands
People slide off the hands of an enormous clock
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People slide off the hands of an enormous clock. Can add a moment of drama if someone is hanging on for dear life as the hands slowly turns until they'll have no choice but to fall off.

Safety Last is both Ur Example and Trope Maker.

  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Quantum Boogaloo" the band "Bowling for Soup" slide off a giant clock during a music video.
  • Harold Lloyd in Safety Last!. The Other Wiki link has a photo for the trope as well.
  • The 1978 version of The Thirty Nine Steps, in which the hero Richard Hannay attempted to halt the clock's progress (to prevent a linked bomb detonating) by hanging from the minute hand of its western dial.
  • The movie Shanghai Knights.
  • In one episode of Monk a body was placed on a hand of a clock, falling off the tower when the killer had an alibi.
  • The finale of The Great Mouse Detective.
  • Parodied in Futurama, wherein Fry ends up hanging from a number on a giant digital clock. He's fine until the time changes.
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