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Clothing of Implied Steel

Regular clothes that are never damaged

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Sometimes heroes might be Immune to Bullets, unable to be killed with fire, or flat out Nigh Invulnerable.

In Real Life clothes in these conditions would be shredded, especially if they are just regular cloth. However some writers tend to ignore this to keep their hero tidy, resulting Clothing of Implied Steel.

This is the polar opposite of Clothing Damage. This is sometimes averted to note that some battles are Serious Business, but in most cases they want to keep their hero's clothes in tact.


  • Goku of Dragonball well never have any clothes rips until the final battle, even though he's constantly hit by fiery energy balls
  • Superman is notorious of this, being hit by bullets all the time and not even having a scratch on his clothes.
  • Wolverine's has claws as a weapon, and half of the people he cuts don't show any rips or tears.
  • Terminator. Hit by lots of bullets, yet his clothes seem to be perfect.

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