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Vile Villain, Saccharine Show
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Okay, so you have a villain, who is legitimately intimidating and frightening. Maybe he tries to destroy all positive emotions, or maybe he turns people into twisted shambling abominations, or maybe he's plotting genocide. Point is, he's actually a fairly creepy villain. Well, he would be, if he weren't stuck in a Sugar Bowl.

As one could probably tell, this trope are about villains in normally light-hearted shows that are so disturbing or even terrifying on some level that they kind of clash with the tone of the show/game/whatever.
Video Games
  • The Kirby series is set in a Sugar Bowl. The main villain, Dark Matter, is an eldrich abomination who appears in a multitude of disturbing forms (including a creepy angel thing with a blood-dripping eye in Kirby 64). See where this trope comes into play?
  • Persona 4's Adachi and the various parties to the killings as well as the characters shadows are well... the perpetrator of various murders, in an otherwise quirky and often humorous Slice of Life game with bright cutesy graphics.
  • Earthbound combines this with Mood Whiplash, in the final fight, in what had started as a funny and lighthearted game, with Gygas, a horrible Eldritch Abomination with more than a few similarities to Azatoth that you cannot defeat in the normal manner and who's attacks are so powerful you cannot comprehend them.
  • Real Overlord Zenon in Disgaea2 even has her own ominous leitmotif. She's made even more horrifying in the infamous worst ending where she devours Taro and Hanako off screen.
Webcomics Western Animation
  • We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story , a cutesy film about dinosaurs being sent to our time to make children happy. Nothing scary about that at all. Well, except for the creepy old scientist Professor Screweyes who runs a Circus of Fear, beleives that the world is an irrational and cruel place, got his eye pecked out by a bird, and was eaten by birds at the end of the film.
  • Care Bears of all franchises tends to have this in spades, what with Professor Coldheart, the Spirit in the Book, No-Heart, and others all dedicated to the removal of any ability to feel emotion.
  • And in My Little Pony, there is Tirac, Or So I Heard
  • Him from the Powerpuff Girls, one of the scariest villains on a Cartoon Network comedy ever.
  • He may be equaled by Father from Kids Next Door. A shadowy figure with control over fire, who brainwashed five children into thinking they were his/being evil? Add that to the fact that he is always beaten by the skin of everyone elses teeth and you've got a very threatening villain for such a harmless show.
  • Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons has always been distinctly darker than anybody else in a cast of hundreds. Especially prevalent in the classic Cape Feare episode where he forgoes evil plans and just tries to slice Bart to pieces with a machete, crouched and approaching with dark rings under his eyes...
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