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Not Half The Man Your Father Was
A character fails to live up to heroic predecessor
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A character is trying to live up to the name set up by his father or mentor and falls far short in terms of ethics and morality. Maybe the son of the Self-Made Man tries to increase the fortune his father made through honest toil by underhanded means or the protege of The Cape is a brutal Anti-Hero obsessed with crushing crime.

Usually the son delusionally believes his father would be proud of his succes and it is left for others to call him out on how he achieves that success.

Contrast "Well Done, Son!" Guy.


  • Michael Corleone in The Godfather and especially The Godfather Pat II. The exact words are never spoken onscreen but the second film makes an explicit contrast between Michael and his father.
  • JR Ewing in Dallas, at least later in the series (early on he is a "Well Done, Son!" Guy).
  • Octavian in the Masters of Rome series fondly models himself after his beloved father but others see differently:
    Marc Anthony: "I think that you're warped, Octavianus! You're too crooked to lie straight in bed and that's something no one could ever say about Caesar. He was straight as an arrow always."
  • In Diana L. Paxon's The Golden Hills of Westria, Prince Johan struggles to live up to his father's herioc legacy.

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