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Female Mentor Becomes Love Interest
A male character has a crush on his female mentor.
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I would have followed your advice to the ends of the Earth, because I love you...r advice.
- Linguini, from Ratatouille. (Saying this to Collette.)

This is for male characters who have crushes on their female mentors; bonus points if it eventually develops into an actual romantic relationship.

There's arguably a Double Standard involved; given the power imbalance, if the mentor was male and the student was female, this would be seen as somewhat predatory on the part of the male mentor, rather than sexually generous like it is with a female mentor; nevertheless, it's not an entirely unreasonable double standard, since unlike its gender-flip, it appeals to female audiences by having the female teach the male, and appeals to male audiences by suggesting that even women more knowledgeable than a particular guy would be willing to date him.

Furthermore, wanting to impress said female mentor often provides a very strong incentive to learn well, and said incentive is a much more positive one than being pushed by some Drill Sergeant Nasty would be.

Compare Hot for Teacher, or at least the male-student female-teacher variety thereof.

The gender-flipped version of this is often Merlin and Nimue.


  • Linguini for Collette, from Ratatouille.
  • Jake for Neytiri, from Avatar.
  • Peggy Carter becomes this for Steve Rogers (Captain America) in Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • Parodied in Stroker and Hoop, where Hoop is taught to be a ninja by an attractive woman so that he can avenge his partner's death. Later, turns out Stroker only faked his death, and she was lying about who she'd sent to kill. She'd had him murdering her bastard ex-boyfriends.
  • Tear and Luke in Tales of the Abyss. She's a big cause for his character development from being a spoiled Adult Child to a truly selfless hero.
  • Inverted between Setsuka in Soul Calibur and her swordmaster. Unfortunately, she came to interpret her true feelings for him as love only after his death in a duel. The fact that she never had the chance to act on those feelings are largely the reason she's so obsessed with revenge against his killer, Mitsurugi.
  • A rare gender-inversion in the case of Daine and Numair from the Tortall series by Tamora Pierce; Daine develops a crush on her (fourteen years older) mentor Numair, and yes, the two do become a couple.
  • Knights of the Old Republic Play female, and you recruit Mical (aka "Disciple"). Get high enough influence, and he admits that he had a crush on your character, even as a teenaged apprentice.
  • Sgt Kabuki Man NYPD has a variation of this. His mentor is a woman that he falls in love with, although they seem to be roughly the same age and the feelings are mutual.
  • The Making of a Mage had Elmara of Mystra pick up and heal wounded Myrjala "Darkeyes" Talithyn who then taught her more of wizardry. Then Elmara reverted to Elminster of Athalantar, they hunted stray Magelords together and little by little... let's just say this relationship continued longer than he thought is humanly possible.
  • Debatably, Harry Dresden and Anastasia Luccio from The Dresden Files.
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