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Triumphant Laugh (Need hats)
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So, The Hero has won against the Big Bad in battle. The best way for him to express his victory in battle is to give off a victorious laugh, letting everyone know that he is the victor. Of course, if the Big Bad seems unharmed and beats up the protagonist, he can also do this too.

If done several times, could be their Signature Laugh. A Boisterous Bruiser will often do this.

See also Who's Laughing Now?

Compare/Contrast: Evil Laugh, Evil Gloating

Compare: Psychotic Smirk, Grin of Audacity, Unsportsmanlike Gloating, and Everybody Laughs Ending, where all of the good guys do this at the end of a story.


Anime and Manga

  • In The Return Of Jafar, Genie does one when he thinks that he defeated Jafar, but Jafar emerges completely unscathed and is able to trump over Genie.
  • The Muppets: Uncle Deadly does one when he shoves Tex Richman off a building. He then says "Now THERE's a maniacal laugh for you", referring to the fact that Tex would say "Maniacal Laugh" instead of doing one.
  • Emperor Palpatine gets pretty cheerful in Return of the Jedi, but it's especially poignant during the scene in the throne room, where he watches Luke Skywalker endure the spectacle of his Alliance friends getting walloped by the Imperial fleet, until Luke succumbs to the Emperor's taunting. Luke makes a force-grab for his lightsaber, and swings at the sitting Emperor, only to have his stroke blocked by Vader's lightsaber. Palpatine just sits there chortling, confident that he's got everyone pegged, and everything is going All According to Plan.
  • Subverted in Better Off Dead: Lane Meyer's father gives a triumphant laugh when he succeeds in raising the garage door before the paperboy breaks the last remaining pane of glass, but his victory is short-lived - the whole door collapses a moment later.

  • In Mariel of Redwall, Honorary Rosemary (Hon Rosie for short) has this Evil Laugh, but is NOT one of the Villains. She does this laugh at least once in the book after a successfully repelled invasion of Red Wall.

  • In Porgy and Bess, after Porgy kills Crown, the silence is broken by Porgy's triumphant laugh.
    "Bess, you got a man now, you got Porgy!"

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Garfield's Halloween Adventure; Garfield does one when he turns off the Binky The Clown Show on TV, but he quickly turns it back on upon hearing Binky saying something about going out to get candy, because it was Halloween.
  • While things are going his way in the first three acts of The Underdog Show, archvillain Simon Bar Sinister routinely cackles with delight. His laugh disappears in the fourth act, once Underdog figures out how to thwart Simon's machinations.

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