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Overlooking The Obvious
An obvious detail has been completely overlooked for a more humorous one.
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Most people are shown to have common sense, noticing that something about a scene isn't quite right, before they immediately figure out what isn't right. Then, there are these kinds of people; they may have common sense, but when they too notice that something isn't right, they guess right off the bat that it's something else, other than the potential problem that's at hand.

Seen It a Million Times in Comedy and Western Animation.

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  • An Arby's commercial had a man tell his girlfriend a story about how he had come home from Arby's with a Roast Beef sandwich that cost five dollars when he came upon a beautiful white unicorn. When the girl interrupts the story, she exclaims in surprise "Five dollars for a roast beef sandwich?"

  • In one scene of The Goonies, Mrs. Walsh (Brand and Mikey's mother) comes home, just after a piece of her favorite statue had been broken off by accident. Mrs. Walsh immediately becomes horrified at what we think is the broken statue piece but it actually turns out that she was horrified at the mess of chips on the table, as she tells them to clean it up.
  • From the 2011 Winnie-the-Pooh movie: several of the characters are stuck in a pit and need Piglet to go rescue them. Owl flies up to the surface to give Piglet a pep talk. He then flies 'back down' to wait to be rescued. Everybody else looks at him, dumbfounded, for about five seconds, finally breaking the silence by saying how amazed they are at Owl's speech.
  • In Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, the shrunken parents are trying to get down from a dresser. Szalinski starts spouting scientific formulas, while his brother-in-law tries to draw his attention to a fishing reel that's right next to them.

Western Animation
  • Spongebob Squarepants loves this trope.
  • In an episode of Darkwing Duck, Darkwing is looking for Negaduck's lair, a giant Negaduck flag unfurls in the background. Darkwing instead takes note of a single solitary breadcrumb on the ground and uses it to successfully track down the lair. Turns out Negaduck deliberately planted the breadcrumb because he knew Darkwing would never notice the giant flag.

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