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Situational Ham
Only certain conditions will trigger the Large Ham in them.
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A Situational Ham is the character that, when put under certain conditions, will start to Chew the Scenery in a way that would make a professional Large Ham proud. Decibels will suddenly increase, cows will be milked and emphasis SHALL. ENSUE.... at least for the time this situation lasts. Take these conditions away and the Situational Ham will slowly go back to his normal, not scenery chewing self -- until the moment calls for it again.


  • Jack Atlas of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds is the Dueling King, and boasts that as such he's expected to put on a show for the crowds and entertain them.
  • Kamina of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann puts on the brave, manly act to inspire confidence in Simon and the other members of Team Gurren. He privately admits to Yoko that he's as scared as any of them most of the time, but when he puts on the act he can be confident that Simon will make his hollow boasting a reality.
  • In a One Piece filler is revealed that Robin of all people is the greatest ham in the crew, but she does it only for musicals.

  • One very large hedgehog in Redwall is a textbook Gentle Giant, but when enemies are nearby he stands up to his full height and roars out a Badass Boast that sends the vermin fleeing. Once they're gone he collapses, panting from the effort and apologizing for his language.
  • Sir Bevier from The Elenium becomes much more hammy while he's disguised as an Ax-Crazy, one-eyed mercenary. Even his own companions think that he's overdoing.

  • Metal musicians are often cases of Cool Guy, Hammy Performer, like WARREL DANE! of Nevermore.

Video Games
  • Ace Attorney's Phoenix Wright trends to be a calm guy when he's out investigating, talking with suspects and witnesses, or just enjoying some free time. Put him inside the courtroom and he becomes the Hot-Blooded, Desk-Slamming, OBJECTION!-shouting, Finger-Pointing attorney people know and love.
  • Many of the characters in Kingdom Hearts, most notably Sora, and definitely Axel.


Western Animation
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