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Beautiful Resistance Member
When the leader or another prominent member of La Resistance is a beautiful woman.
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Whenever a La Résistance movement- especially an armed one- is shown in fiction, at least one member of the resistance will be a beautiful woman. That woman will either be the The Leader, The Lancer or Action Girl. While there is quite the historical precedent for women fighting alongside men in resistance movements, they were rarely as ubiquitous as in the number that fiction would suggest, at least in combat roles... and almost no leaders were women, especially beautiful Hollywood-level women. For example, only one large group of the WWII-era French Resistance was led by a woman (Marie-Madeline Fourcade's Alliance Network).

However, both because there is still quite a basis in historic fact, and because portraying resistance as being male-only might bring in Unfortunate Implications, the use of this trope is common and in many cases justified.

  • Used extremely commonly with the French Resistance in Medal of Honor, with one, Manon Batiste, even being the playable character in one game.
  • Isabel Du Fontaine in Call of Duty 3.
  • The DC Comics character Mademoiselle Marie.
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