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Broken Tears
A character cries to symbolize that they have broken down emotionally/mentally or have lost sanity
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A character may be Not Himself and has a breakdown to show this. This may be expressed by laughing, a Broken Smile, being hunched over, having a twitchy eye, messy hair and the like. In this case a good way to show that a character has experienced some Sanity Slippage or is experiencing a mental/emotional breakdown is to have them feel tears come to their eyes or outright running down their face. The Break the Cutie is really breaking down. Different from Berserker Tears in the sense that the character isn't crying out of rage.


Anime and Manga
  • The Freeman in the Crying Freeman Anime, Manga and the Live-Action Film cries whilst carrying out the murders he's forced to by the post-hypnotic suggestions of the 108 Dragons triad.
  • Nina Einstein does this in Code Geass during her Freak Out moment after learning of Euphemia's death.
  • In Perfect Blue Mima has a breakdown in her apartment when she returns after filming a rape scene and cries. Rumi also cries as she's watching Mima filming the rape scene, and her tears symbolize her complete descent into the Ax-Crazy.
  • Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia does this when he snaps in the Bloody Sunday strip, after a heartbreaking soliloquy and before opening fire on thousands of innocent civilians.
  • Ritsuko in episode 23 of Neon Genesis Evangelion after destroying the Rei dummies.
  • Kaede of SHUFFLE! does this as she's having her breakdown.

Live Action Tv
  • Spock in the Star Trek episode "The Naked Time".

Western Animation
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