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Revolving Door Revolution
When a country changes its government so often, they might as well install revolving doors.
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"France changes it's government so often it might as well install revolving doors in the Palace of Versailles"
Old joke

Sometimes a nation undergoes a major revolution, and completly changes it's style of government. Sometimes people loose faith in the new style of government, and have a new revolution soon after. When this happens enough, you get a Revolving Door Revolution. The reasons for this can be complex. Maybe the nation in question is extremly polarised in popular oppinion? Maybe the successive governments aren't stable, or effective enough to last? Maybe the writters just think it makes for better drama?

  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe tells us that although the Old Galactic Republic lasted for thousands of years, after the Clone Wars, the Galaxy went through a period of this. First the Galactic Empire, then the New Republic, then the Yuuzhan Vong Empire, then the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, then the Fel Empire, then the Krayt empire...all in the span of just over a century.

Real Life
  • For about 100 years from 1789, to 1870, the French under went repeated revolutions and counter revolutions as Republicans and Monarachists (divided into three factions, each supporting a different royal family) battled for control of the government. First came the Ancien Regime, then the First Republic, then the Reign of Terror, then the First Empire under Napoleon, then the First Bourbon Restoration, then the 100 days, then the Second Bourban Restoration, then the July Monarchy, then the Second Republic, then the Second Empire, before finally settling on the Third Repubilic which remained in place until WWII.

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