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Like Watching Paint Die
A person is taking way too much on-screen time to die.
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Do We Have This One? ? Rolling Updates. Needs More Examples.

I, am the final trope, of my generation.. I have seen many things in my lifetime.

...What? Yes I'm sure I am dying, now let me finish my recollection. Lets see, covered the family, the planet, civilization...Ah yes, my first memory...

You get the picture.

Like Watching Paint Die is a situation in which we know a character is dying, but is taking way too much on-screen time to die. So much so that you or even the characters start wondering if he is actually going to keel over before the onlookers do. This trope is mostly used for comedy, like someone looking like they've died opens their eyes to say a few FAMOUSLASTWORDS, multiple times. If used for drama this trope can ruin a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming since the basis of the tropes is a death that took too long.

This trope is usually kept company by its lesser-extent version Final Speech, its cliched friend Famous Last Words, and if they (writers or characters) get tired of him, Killed Mid-Sentence. Contrast Instant Death Bullet and Dropped a Bridge on Him.


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