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Our heroes find themselves at the docks. The baddie or monster is lurking somewhere nearby; unfortunately, there's a whole mess of shipping containers piled up everywhere, forming an environment like a maze. The containers all look similar, so searching for the target is confusing for both the heroes and the audience. There could be anything lurking around any corner, or in any of the containers...

Any setting with stacked containers qualifies for this trope, e.g. packing crates in a warehouse, cardboard boxes in a storeroom etc.

  • Primeval episode 4x02.
  • One of the later levels on Resident Evil 5 is like this.
  • Future War features this with cardboard boxes. Subverted when one character just smashes through the wall of empty boxes.
  • At the end of Heavy Rain, the Origami Killer can chase Madison through one of these.
  • One of the BMW Films The Hire short films features a brief car chase in one of these. The hero tries first to hide in between the containers by turning off his engine and lights (presumably to demonstrate how easy it is to turn on and off the headlights), only for the bad guys to spot them and a chase to re-ensue.
  • Torchwood once had to find an incapacitated Gwen in one of these.
  • Generator Rex in his fight against Cane.
  • This Island Earth isn't an example, but the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew treat it like it is:
Tom Servo: Joe, I'm in one of these boxes. Find me!
  • In The Pendragon Adventure book The Quillian Games Bobby is attacked by quigs and chased by Dados through one of these.
  • In Metal Gear the fight versus Raven, you have to hide in the crates that all look alike and take him down firing his back
  • Max Payne, there's also the giant cranes and forklifts to contend with, making it somewhat mobile in spots.
  • LOTS of the levels in the original Half-Life (and its expansions) are this trope. Warehouses full of crates, yards full of shipping containers...
  • The second level of episode two of Doom, "Containment Area", has a rather famous crate maze filled with imps.
  • The cargohold of Red Dwarf is portrayed as such.
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