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Bunny Ears Picture Prank
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When a group of at least 2 people are getting their picture taken, at least 1 of them will stick their hand behind the other person's head with 2 fingers up, a la bunny ears. Alternatively done with shadow puppetry. Often done by pranksters and the like.


  • In a 2012 Samuel Adams commercial, one of the brewery workers does this to another worker.

  • Superman II: Lex Luthor and Otis are hugging a wall while escaping from prison. A guard's searchlight illuminates Luthor's bald head from behind. Otis puts two fingers up behind Luthor's head, creating the bunny effect on the wall. When Luthor sees what Otis is doing he lets out a gasp.
  • The movie poster for Toy Story 2 showed Woody doing this to Buzz.

Newspaper Comics
  • FoxTrot's logo
  • There's a somewhat infamous Far Side comic "The Holsteins visit the Grand Canyon", with a family of cows posing for a photo. Everyone thought it was just some sort of ironic commentary on blah blah blah, but everyone missed the joke; one of the young cows was giving bunny ears to the other young cow. It's just that the hoof looked exactly like a bow on the other cow's head.
  • A Bloom County strip once showed Milo, determined to get an incriminating photo of Senator Bedfellow, disguise himself as an Arabian sheik and offer the senator money. The photo on the front page of the Beacon has Milo (still in disguise) giving Bedfellow bunny ears while sticking out his tongue.
  • Inverted in the Bizarro comic for 9-14-12. A Funny Animal rabbit cups his paws and creates human ears on the side of his father's head.

Western Animation
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