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Misplaced Retribution
Retaliation in the wrong direction, rather than wrong magnitude.
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Its just the way the world is. One country gets pissed off and attacks some other country killing civilians in the process. (this is not kindergarten, a sorry I blew my temper, lets make up wont cut it. The Pandoras box has been opened) So the other country says Ok, you kill our civilians, well we can kill yours too B*tch!
- ostapslobodian of Youtube, on this video

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Some retaliation exceeds what's being retaliated to in its severity. But some retaliation isn't even along the same line; it's directed at those who can't reasonably be blamed for what you're retaliating for, except according to exceedingly shaky justifications. Whether it is worse than what is retaliated to or milder, it is still indefensibly directed at the wrong targets.

From a psychoanalytic point of view, this is called displacement, and occurs when someone who feels under attack emotionally retaliates against someone who is a better victim than the aggressor - for some reason, it's more viable to emotionally attack this new target than the aggressor.

It's one of the many ways in which a Cycle of Revenge can get ugly. Avenging the Villain is also related, since The Hero (or whoever killed the villain) is usually either blameless or justified.

Truth in Television, of course, though it might be an idea to focus on trying to gather fictional examples for now.


Anime and Manga
  • In The Breaker Manhwa, a great deal of characters are after Han Chun Wo, also known as Goomoonryong, because he killed their master or performed some other dishonorable thing upon their martial arts school, but since he is a complete and utter Badass upon which they have no hope of carrying out their revenge, they prefer to target his student, Yi Shioon, which becomes particularly unfair and messed up in The Breaker: New Waves when Shioon looses his ability to use ki and becomes completely helpless, is renounced by his Master as a student and is no longer a Murim (part of the martial arts world) and therefor should be off limits.
  • This is played with in Axis Powers Hetalia. Canada is frequently the target of this because he looks almost identical to his brother America, though the countries that are pissed at America wouldn't harm Canada if they knew the difference. That he's very soft spoken means he rarely is able to stop the abuse or convince the other countries (rightfully angry at America) from beating up on him.

  • This is Two-Face's deal in The Dark Knight. Rather than the Joker who actually orchestrated his tragedy, he goes after everyone who was involved in the events, no matter how weakly or by how many degrees of separation, even to the point of threatening Gordon's son.

Live-Action TV
  • In a mid 90's episode of Grange Hill a guy and a girl try to escape from a fire by climbing out of a window. She slips, falls to her death, her boyfriend blames the guy who was with her and spends the rest of the season stalking and harassing him. He eventually stops and apologizes (possibly since everyone was against his vendetta).
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