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When hand holding gets violent. ;)
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Two characters are fighting, and during the course of the battle, they clasped their hands together and push against each other in a test of strength. This can happen when one of them throws a punch or any kind of strike and the other catches it, and vice versa. They can stay like this for a while, with one trying to overpower the other and bring him or her to their knees.....

A Groin Attack is also possible.

A combat trope, see Blade Lock for this with swords.


Anime and Manga

Western Animation

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker do this during Revenge of the Sith, only using Force powers instead of actually clenching hands.

  • Someone tries to do to this to Bork in The Albino Knife. He lets the guy struggle for a bit, then picks him up and tosses him across the room.
  • In an early Discworld novel, the aged Cohen the Barbarian grapples the Luggage (a sapient wooden chest that eats people) to a standstill. Eventually a third party has to separate them.

  • Done as far back as the The Sixties when The Mighty Thor first went up against The Incredible Hulk. They've done this many times since, one of the more famous examples being when The Avengers fought The Defenders.
  • During World War Hulk, The Juggernaut and the Hulk locked up in a similar fashion. The Hulk ended up using Juggy's momentum against him by letting go and allowing him to blast off into the distance.

Pro Wrestling
  • This has existed in Pro Wrestling for years as the Collar and Elbow tie up, and has been traditionally the way two wrestlers will start a match.
    • Besides the Collar & Elbow, this exists in Pro Wrestling (and many a schoolyard) as the fingerlock, where the opponents lock hands with each other and try to make the other go to their knees.

Web Comics

Video Games

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