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Freeze Restore Finish
A paralyzed character is restored and immediately finishes whetever they were doing when paralyzed.
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Do We Have This One?? I don't do a lot of searching. Seen It a Million Times.

A character is instantly frozen in ice, turned to stone, or what have you, right in the middle of saying or doing something. When restored, they finish what they were doing before realizing their new circumstances.

This trope is somewhat self-justifying; if time was frozen for the victim due to the nature of the paralysis, they probably wouldn't even notice the suspension at first, and would naturally continue what they were doing before realizing something was off.

Depending on the duration of the paralysis, can be a Brick Joke.


Video Games
  • When Elaine is turned to gold in The Curse of Monkey Island, she's right about to punch Guybrush for giving her the cursed ring that causes it in the first place. As soon as she's restored, she finishes the punch.
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