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The protagonists' main goal changes over time.
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So you've started at the beginning of a show or book, and by the end of the first episode the characters' main objective seems pretty well-defined. But if you skip ahead, you find their goals have been altered or changed.

There are several reasons this can happen.

1: The characters have undergone Character Development, their goals changing to reflect this.

2: They've learned more details about their quest and the changes reflect the new information.

3: They realize that they're part of something bigger, and must rise to the challenge. Common when a story turns into a Saving The World Plot.

4: They complete their initial goal and must now find something else to do.

Compare and contrast Halfway Plot Switch, where this happens in the course of one episode.


  • In the Monster Rancher anime, at first Holly and Suezo were unlocking Mystery Disks in the hopes of finding the Phoenix. When The Hero Genki shows up, they begin to actively fight the forces of evil. Later, as they learn more about the Phoenix, their goals change from randomly finding a disc that holds the Phoenix into searching for its body and soul to revive it.
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