Death Is Not The End
It's just the next adventure
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You're sitting on the edge of something that might be the death of you or you're dying right now. Chances are, pondering what comes after death is going to happen. Is there nothing? Is there something? Depending upon your religion, you might believe that there is a Heaven or a Hell, but there are also some who don't necessarily believe that what comes after death is either heaven or hell, but it is the next adventure.

This is not to say that what is after death is neither a Fluffy Cloud Heaven nor a Fire and Brimstone Hell, but the notable uses of this trope generally imply that whatever it is that is after death is just another adventure.


  • The Lord of the Rings: In The Return of the King film, Gandalf and Pippin talk right before Gondor is attacked and Gandalf tells Pippin, who fears dying in the impending battle, that death is not the end.
  • The Last Starfighter: Alex Rogan and Grig discuss the destruction of the Starfighter base.
    Alex: Wait a minute... when did the hangar go up?
    Grig: I told you! When Xur attacked!
    Alex: And where were the Starfighters?
    Grig: In the hangar!
    Alex: You mean they're dead?
    Grig: Death is a primitive concept. I prefer to think of them as battling another dimension!
  • Peter Pan: Peter says to himself, "To die will be an awfully big adventure."
  • In Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, Lord Blackwood says, "Death is only the beginning." right before he is hanged.


  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: At the end when Dumbledore and Harry are talking about Nicholas Flamel and how he will now die because the stone was destroyed, Dumbledore says that death is but the next adventure.


  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer: "The Great Gates of Kiev":
    There's no end to my life
    No beginning to my death
    Death... is... life!
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