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Named for the Foreign Word
Name for a particular object, place, or area, that is the name of that type of object in a foreign language

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This trope occurs whenever the proper name for a particular type of place, object, or other item, is a foreign language, or otherwise uncommon, name for that particular type of object.

Often a subtrope of Bilingual Bonus.


  • The Lion King: Simba, the main Lion character, is a word that means "Lion"
  • Lampshaded in Dragonheart. The dragon claims his name is unpronounceable to humans, so Bowen calls him "Dragon" for awhile, then decides to name him "Draco", after the constellation. The dragon points out that he's still calling him "Dragon", just in a different language.
  • Toht, the Gestapo torturer in Raiders of the Lost Ark, is German for death.
  • Necros, The Dragon in The Living Daylights, is from Greek for death.

  • It is often said that in King Midas, Midas means "King"


Video Games
  • In Guild Wars, the Echovald forest. "Wald" (pronounced "Vald") in German, means "forest", fitting the Germanish sounding names of the people living there.

Western Animation
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