Love Informant (3rd-Party Love Confession)
A third party tells someone that he is beloved of someone else.
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Proposed sister trope to Love Confessor. Up for Grabs.

A lover doesn't declare his love to his beloved. Instead, someone else declares the lover's love to the beloved.

The broker may be either:
  • willing to tell the beloved about the lover's love at the request of the lover
  • blackmailing to tell the beloved about the lover's love in exchange for something (especially in a "forbidden love" setting or if the lover is just so shy)
  • telling it to the beloved behind the lover's back


  • The Beatles: In the song "She Loves You", "She" tells the singer that she loves "You", who is being sung to.
    She says she loves you
    And you know that can't be bad.
    She loves you
    And you know you should be glad.
  • Don Pedro to Hero on behalf of Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing.
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