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Tranny in Custody
In police stations, interview rooms or police cells, there is a brief scene or glimpse of an obviously transgender person in custody.
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A policeman's (or lawyer's) lot is rarely a happy one, and as a shorthand to show what a wild and wacky time they sometimes have, and what low-lifes they have to deal with on a routine basis, police stations seem to be populated with many supposedly marginal characters. Along with the hookers, pimps, and druggies, there is often one or more transgender people, always male-to-female, and who are usually being showy or highly vocal. Though it is a long time since cross-dressing was against the law, it is still a short hand for law-breaking in the world of the television cop show.

  • In French detective series Engrenages series 2, Episode 1, a flustered looking lawyer is interviewing a transgender person who is obviously meant to be a vexatious and unworthy client. The camera pans across the cleavage area before going to the face. The transgender person is overly made up, wears a blonde wig and dresses in an overtly "tarty" way, and is describing a defence for a case of exposure. The lawyer sees a potentially more lucrative client pass outside, and hurriedly leaves the transgender, who looks frustrated and confused.
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