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Thorough Speech, Simplistic Response
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Harvey Dent: The Batman is an outlaw. But that's not why we're demanding he turn himself in, we're doing it because we're scared. We've been happy to let the Batman clean up our streets for us until now.
Crowd member 1: Things are worse than ever!
Harvey Dent: Yes they are. But the night is darkest just before the dawn. I promise you, the dawn is coming. One day the Batman will have to answer for the laws he's broken, but to us, not to this madman.
Crowd member 2: ... no more dead cops!

Do We Have This One??

This is when a speech, or any other form of dialogue with a feel of thoroughness and eloquence on the part of one side of the conversation, is met with a very short and simple response.

In some cases, this could be used to indicate that the more thorough side is being more logical and that the other side is Completely Missing the Point. In other cases, it could be used to indicate that the more thorugh side's "logic" could easily be deconstructed by a simple one-liner.

Sometimes the quick response is itself met with a quick response in turn, sometimes by the very same person who gave the previous thorough speech. (Understandably so, as said thouroughness was evidently ineffective at convincing the other side.)

As implied by the page quote, Dent's press conference from The Dark Knight is a clear case of this, and so is the Calvin And Hobbes example in the tentative page image. Each of those is of the variety portraying the more rational side as more thorough. This was probably also used a few times in South Park. Also, the feel of "from eloquent to simplistic" is captured in this VG Cats comic.
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