Created By: miked on July 2, 2013

Heavy Metal Makeover

A conservatively dressed person in a music video is transformed into awesomeness because of the power of rock!

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You've seen this in hundreds of music videos. At the fade-in we see a conservatively dressed, uptight person doing conservative, uptight things, when suddenly the artist and their would-be hit song enters the poor square's life and starts wreaking havoc. By the time we get to the guitar solo or whatever, though, the former square has transformed into an awesome person, often by dressing just like the band. The point is clear: the artist's music will make uncool people awesome through the power of rock!

What do you folks think? Trope-worthy? Already covered? Music videos have about worn the notion out over the years so I'm having a hard time imagining nobody's ever done this one, but I can't find it on the site. There are a number of related tropes, however, and one of them may effectively cover this notion. If that's the case, guys, let me have it. I'll be a stronger troper for the correction.

Oh yeah...I called it "Heavy Metal Makeover" because it seems most egregious in 80's hair metal videos (usually by turning a Catholic schoolgirl type into a rock chick), but I'm hardly married to that name.
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