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Hazard Removal
Neutralizing hazardous obstacles
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A move, ability, or item used to neutralize certain hazards characters cannot normally deal with. These often show up in Metroidvania games alongside (or overlapping with) Utility Weapon.

Contrast Broken Bridge (where the hazard goes away on its own). See also Bomb Disposal, Hazmat Suit, and Ability Required to Proceed.


  • In the sf novel Phule's Company, a crack unit challenges a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits to an obstacle course contest. The elite unit does it the boot camp way by climbing barriers, crawling through culverts, swinging over trenches, etc. The misfits do it how an infantry company would actually do it in battle- using demolition charges to blast obstacles out of the way.

Video Games
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has the Spike Breaker armor, which allows Alucard to destroy spikes (normally impassable obstacles or instant death, depending on where you land on them) just by walking over them.
  • Pokémon:
    • The move Rapid Spin removes entry hazards Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock on the user's side.
    • The move Defog removes entry hazards on the opponent's side.
  • In several entries in the Metroid series you can get the Varia Suit, which protects you from damage in superheated and/or supercooled areas (as well as providing Samus's iconic look and red/orange colour scheme).
    • Metroid Prime 2 eschewed the normal suit sequence and instead gave Samus the Dark suit, which only slightly reduced the damage she took while in the dark world, and eventually the Light Suit, which made her entirely immune to the dark world as well as its water.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time the alternate tunics you can equip protect you from environmental hazards (fire and drowning).
  • Engineers in Valkyria Chronicles and Armored Techs in Valkyria Chronicles II are the only classes able to clear away mines.
  • In some of the Mega Man and Mega Man X games, some hazards will be blocking your way and, if you have the right weapon, you can break through them. This is usually essential in finding secret upgrades (i.e Light Capsules and Heart Tanks).
  • In Mega Man Battle Network 5, in many scenarios, the new area you're going to visit are often blocked by something that requires the Ally of the Day to break through (e.g Knightman/Magnetman in Oran scenario, where they blocked heavy turret gunshots that blocked the team's way to Oran Area 3). Later on near the end of the game, this occurs again in Regal's factory computers which have the similar things.
    • Ubiquitous in the sixth game, where the hazard you can found can be: a giant tornado, a nonstop burning flame, a giant tree etc. You need to jack in as one of your ally Navis to break through a specific barrier (e.g Tomahawkman can cut the giant tree). Often, they block things to either secret areas or rare pickups.
  • In the intro sequence of Half-Life, the player can observe a big four-legged forklift robot hauling barrels of toxic waste through a pool of sludge.
  • The Safe Passage spell in the Dragon Quest series, used to walk safely through poison swamps, electrified floors and the like. Not that it helps much, as they only deal 1 damage per step taken and by the time they're common enough to be a nuisance you're high enough to shrug it off.

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