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Arena Fighting Game

A sub-genre of Fighting Game that involves free movement around a stage among other differences.

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The Arena Fighting Game is a sub-genre of fighting games. Like "traditional" fighting games, players compete with a cast of selectable characters and somehow try to eliminate the opponent by dealing damage through a selection of both normal and special moves.

The primary difference that Arena Fighters have from Traditional Fighters is the stage mechanics. Generally, stages in traditional fighting games are all designed the same gameplay-wise, and usually don't have unique mechanics and are only differentiated by appearance. Also, traditional fighting games tend to restrict movement to a certain distance away from the opponent. Arena Fighters tend to differ in that the players are free to move around the stage, making movement much like that a Platform Game. Also, stages in arena fighters are much more varied in design, often having multiple platforms and even stage hazards that deal damage to the careless.

Aerial combat often receives a bigger focus in arena fighters over traditional ones due to the increased mobility and jumping freedom. Randomly dropping items are also common, with many of them being both one-time use like a bomb and a battering weapon like a baseball bat or sword.


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