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Exotic Equals Magical
Anything that is exotic or foreign comes with great power
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Alternate names: Exotic Means Magical, Foreign Means Magical, or perhaps replace "Magical" with "Mystical" in any of those.

So, you've just gotten some artifact from your Friendly Local Chinatown, or from some archaeological dig in Qurac or Darkest Africa, or as a gift from a strange woman with a foreign accent. It will invariably have some sort of mystical power.

Similarly, you've just met with the newest member of your team. They happen to be from some exotic country. This inevitably means that they are capable of some remarkable superhuman feat that will come in handy during your adventure, or they have some mighty exotic artifacts in their possession.

(needs more elaboration, etc)

If you can gain magical or superhuman powers for yourself by training under an exotic teacher, then it's Mysteries Of The Orient (current YKTTW title, needs to be updated when it launches with a final name). If it's a foreign word or phrase that holds power, then it's Magical Foreign Words or Language of Magic. If the power is due to exotic technology, then it may be a result of Sufficiently Advanced Alien or Imported Alien Phlebotinum. If it's from outer space, then this is because Space Is Magic. If the powerful item is exotic due to being of an old civilisation, then it is an Ancient Artifact. If the power comes from some foreign religious belief, then it is Religion Is Magic.

May arise in the more explicitly magical variations of Magical Negro. For the local exotic flavour, there's the Magical Native American. Sometimes exhibits itself as the Ethnic Magician, the Witch Doctor, or the old Gypsy Fortune Teller. In Western works, this can show itself as Supernatural Martial Arts.


  • Most of H.P. Lovecraft's works exhibit this, where many, if not most, foreign people and things are, by default, corrupted by the Old Gods, and will likely drive you crazy and try to eat your face.
  • On Gor the Magicians from the Isle of Anango are well-known all over Gor for their magical abilities - everywhere except Anango, where they've never heard of them.
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