A character or a group has a customized vehicle they are emotionally linked to.

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Some teams have their own outfits, others have a Team Pet, and then there's these guys and their Cool Car. Usually, the vehicle (it's not always a car) will sport the team/character's logo and be seen in almost every episode.

For most characters, that one car is part of the team/family, and they don't care if it's a rusty old pile of scraps. They usually have their own affectionate surname.

Sister Trope to Theme Mobile, where the vehicle sports the team colors but isn't iconic/emotionally linked to the character/team.


  • General: Almost every single Super Sentai show will have a team Mecha made of each character's own vehicle.
  • Technically, at least in the movies, every single Transformer and his vehicle form: It's shown that they can choose what they turn in, they just like that one car better. Probably.

Anime & Manga
  • Almost every single crew in One Piece has his own ship with their customized Jolly Roger, the most obvious example being the Strawhats' ship, the Going Merry and latter, the Thousand Sunny.
    • There's also Aokiji and his bicycle. That he uses to cross the seas. Better not fall off...
  • The Dai-Gurren in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann serves both as this and as the team's headquarters.
  • Until Dragon Ball Z came along, the Magic Cloud was this to Goku.
    • Then there's Frieza's flying seat. He only left it when there was literally nobody else left to fight the heroes.
  • Zero no Tsukaima has Tabitha and her familiar, a dragon, Saito and the WWII plane...
  • Speed Racer and Racer X had the Mach 5 and the Shooting Star, respectively.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: the angel's Hummer "See-Through" and the demon's limousine "G-string".
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (AKA Battle of the Planets). G-Force had the Phoenix, a ship which contained four smaller vehicles and could change into a fiery bird-shaped craft.
  • Captain Harlock, his crew and his Arcadia
  • Tenchi Muyo!: While not customized, Rhio-Oki blurs the line between this and Team Pet.

  • The Fantastic Four have a huge jet that can be separated in 4 smaller ones. (?)
  • The Bat-vehicles for the BatFamily, especially the Batmobile.
  • Silver Surfer's surfing board. (?)
  • Gaston Lagaffe's death car. That thing is responsible for at least half of global warming. AT LEAST.
  • Watchmen: Nite Owl II has "Archie", an Owl-themed aircraft that remember him his old days as a vigilante.


  • Santa Claus' magic sled and his reindeer (they all have a name, the most well-known being Rudolph).

  • Harry Potter may not use his broom a lot outside of the Quidditch field, but it does have a special place in his heart.

Live-Action TV
  • Mr. Bean's apple green compact car, which gets trashed in almost every episode.
  • The A-Team has its signature van
  • Super Natural has the Impala which is almost a member of the family
  • The Dukes of Hazzard have the General Lee
  • The red Ferrari in Magnum, P.I.. Robin Masters actually owns it, and there's often pot complications when Higgins takes away the keys, but it's still effectively Thomas Magnum's car.
  • The Munsters Grampa has Dragula. (?)
  • Knight Rider had KITT
  • Starsky & Hutch had Starsky's red Gran Torino, which Hutch nicknamed the striped Tomato.
  • Chuck: The compact cars driven by Chuck and others are technically owned by the Buy More and have the "Nerd Herd" logo on them. (?)
  • Doctor Who's TARDIS, and the Third Doctor's "Bessie", a 1910's vintage car that he hyped up with a few (awesome) gadgets.

Video Games

Western Animation

Real Life
  • The Popemobile.
  • That's probably true for many pilots, bikers and cavaliers, who considers their plane/car/bike/horse a part of themselves.

(?) => Not sure if it's really an example; is there an emotional bound between the team/character and the vehicle?
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