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The Elite Team

They are good at what they do, REAL good

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Usually the heroes are the best at what they do. They are strong, fast, smart and know how to improvise. That is the reason we are following their story. Sometimes they are put alongside the Red Shirt to demonstrate their Plot Armor as nameless characters are easily killed.

The Elite Team is different. They have the secondary character nature of a Red Shirt, but they have skills that put them ahead of the pack, sometimes even matching the heroes. If fleshed out, they might end up with a rivalry with the resident Five-Man Band.

It doesn't mean they are immune to the Worf Effect, in truth this tends to make the situation even more grim than before because these guys knew what they were doing and were still defeated. If their skills are not showcased before getting beaten up then it might come across as an Informed Ability.

Compare Elite Mook and Quirky Miniboss Squad for the bad guys.

  • The ODST "Orbital Drop Shock Troopers" from the Halo series. In the EU they have a good degree of rivalry with the Spartans. Within the game series they are just a group of soldiers who are above average to the regular soldiers, as you are playing one of the last Spartans. In Halo 3: ODST you get to play as one of these squads as a Gaiden Game.
  • The Onyx Guard Gears from Gears of War 3, who are portrayed largely in the story as Chairman Prescotts personal bodyguard. In the "Beast" game mode you have several tiers of character toughness: Stranded are fairly weak, regular Gear Soldiers are tougher, named "Heroes" (named characters) you must execute and in the final wave you face against a large team of Onyx Guards, who are just as faceless as the regular COG but have the same execution requirements as the Heroes.
  • The Wreckers in Transformers fiction. They take on the missions no other Autobot wants to go near. The major comics depiction comes from Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers, but they are also featured extensively in Transformers: Dark of the Moon (the weaponized NASCAR vehicles) and Bulkhead and Wheeljack in Transformers Prime are stated as being members.
  • The MACO's from Star Trek: Enterprise is something of a subversion, they are straight military versus the Mildly Military of the regular crew and are thus more competent than the main characters when it comes to close quarters combat. They are also led by a recurring character with Major Hayes, and because of their ichy trigger fingers it draws him into conflict with the Security Officer Malcolm Reed.
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    • In an Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode, a Starfleet unit is holed up defending a Dominion communications array for 5 months. They mention that the standard deployment period for an unit is 90 days, but because of the war effort, resources are spread so thin that Starfleet cannot send replacements. They are down to 43 people, down from 150 when the Defiant arrives with provisions, and the main cast ends up fighting alongside them against lot of Jem-Hadar. IIRC, Most of the original unit ends up being wiped out, whereas the main characters lose a limb or two.