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Improbable Opening Credits Battle Royale
Why are the villains all attacking at once? They never team up in the show!
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Many superhero shows feature a large Rogue's Gallery. This is all well and good, as it allows for different plots, locations, etc.

Unfortunately, the opening credits have to try to introduce as many of the villains as possible. And action sequences are good at drawing people in. Enter the Improbable Opening Credits Battle Royale (Needs a Better Name). You will have all of the heroes on one side and all of the villains on the other. They start to attack each other.

This is probably a throwback to the Superfriends theme song. But the thing is, the Legion of Doom was actually affiliated with each other. They had a common meeting place, had common plans, etc.

But on modern shows this is not the case. Modern cartoon villain teamups are fairly rare, if only because that many people running around drives up animation costs. It'll still happen in the opening, though. Because it looks good.

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  • Justified by the Super Friends.
  • Powerpuff Girls, the ispiration for this YKTTW. Yes, the major baddies teamed up in "Meet the Beat-Alls", but in general Mojo Jojo, Him, the Gangrene Gang, etc never have anything in common. Why are they teaming up in a swarm against our heroes during the theme song? Because it looks good.
  • Xiaolin Showdown. The only time the major baddies teamed up was during the first season finale. So why are they swarming toward our heroes during the theme song. See prior comments.

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