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Elemental Hair
You can tell what elemental power a character has by their hair color and style
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Hair color is an easy visual shorthand for getting information about a character to the audience. Most often, hair color will tell you something about the character's personality, but sometimes its meaning is far more obvious: this character has an Elemental Power, and the the hair color to match the element. Quite often, their personality will also be tied to their element and thus their hair color, as well.

  • Fire - Usually red hair, although sometimes it will be more orange. Sometimes taken to the logical extreme. Hair will often be short and spiky.
  • Earth- Brown or green hair. More rarely, orange or yellow. Usually short hair on males. Females may have longer hair. Tends to wilder styles or dreadlocks.
  • Lightning - Yellow or white. Hair will often be wild.
  • Water - Blue, usually a bright blue, especially if ice is also present as light blue. Hair is usually straight and of mid length, but it can also be wavy.
    • Ice - Light blue or white, and of a similar style to water.
  • Air - White or grey. Often wavy with lots of volume. It may defy gravity.
  • Light/Holy - White or yellow, or on occasion outright gold. Tends towards White Haired Pretty Boys and Girls when white.
  • Dark - Black or deep purple.
  • Nature/Wood/Plant - Green. Often messy.
  • Love - Pink or blonde. Probably because the first is very feminine, and the second is often considered pure and innocent. Usually very elaborately done up and very feminine. This is rarely, if ever, found on a male character.

This is less common in Live Action media than in animation, video games, comic books, or manga, for obvious reasons.

Sister trope to Elemental Eye Colors. Subtrope of Color-Coded Elements, Color-Coded for Your Convenience, and Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
  • The Panther Demon clan siblings in InuYasha have this: the redhead uses fire, the White-Haired Pretty Girl uses ice, the green-haired girl uses nature/illusions, and the blond uses lightning.
  • The main characters of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 have this. The pink-haired girl uses the power of love, the redhead is a fire-user, the blonde uses light, the green-haired girl has an earth affinity and blue hair goes with water powers.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • Pyro in many of the X-men continuities will have red, spiky hair.

  • Melisandre of A Song of Ice and Fire is strongly associated with red, and many people comment on how very red her hair is. Guess what element her god is associated with?

[[folder:Web Comics]]
  • The Galilean Satellites of the webcomic Zap! have this, with Io having literal Flaming Hair, Callisto (water/ice) having bright blue hair cut in a bob, Europa (wind) having long, white, Storm-esque wavy hair, and Ganymede (earth) having messy green hair.

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