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Travelers who tend to be pretty perceptive.
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In a lot of works, travelers are presented as wise and worldly people, especially if they're no longer in their youth. These characters are ones who can be counted on to sweep the protagonist into a world of adventure, offer some sage advice, give the hero a useful item, hint at plot points, or to say, "Actually, I am him" at a later time.

The defining characteristic for these people is that, despite probably being able to serve as a royal advisor or to have a popular newspaper column, they travel the world and dispense their sage knowledge to a lucky few.

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Some Examples:


  • The title character in The Book of Eli wanders across a post-apocalyptic United States, seeking to deliver the last known copy of The Bible to a destination he doesn't know of specifically yet (but feels spiritually guided toward). Even though he is mostly functionally blind from the past nuclear blasts, he's very perceptive of his surroundings and an adept hunter, and can handle all kinds of dangerous people and situations skillfully. He is also quite learned and wise.

Live-Action TV
  • The Bill Bixby / Lou Ferrigno version of The Incredible Hulk had Doctor David Banner Walking the Earth, afraid of being captured if anyone discovered who he was. Banner could offer some mighty sage counsel, being a noted scientist. And if brains didn't work, he could Hulk up and beat sense into people.
  • Kwai Chang Caine from ABC's Kung Fu series is a Shaolin monk wandering the Old West in search of his half-brother Daniel.

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