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The Unflappable

A wierdly calm character who always seems to find the situation they and others find themselves in to be amusing.

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The Hero and The Lancer are performing a Straight Man and Wise Guy routine, a magic fairy just flew in through the window, someone is screaming for no reason, and the shed out back just fell over.

And yet this character is just a perpetually calm presence, looking over it all with a smile and a quirk of their mouth that indicates they find this all quite interesting. They never react the way a normal person would in the face of the action or strangeness they find themselves surrounded by, and hardly even acknowledge that it's anything but kids playing around. At most they might cheerfully say "How lively everyone is today!" and then sip a cup of tea. Often The Quiet One, they might initially appear to be the Only Sane Man, or at least the only one who isn't blood thirsty or crazy, until they say something that indicates they might very well be just as odd as the rest of the cast. Then again they might just be trying to screw with you. It's difficult to tell.

They are usually a part of the main cast, often right in the thick of things, but never the hero. If they are a Strange Girl then chances are they really do find the situation as hilarious as they might claim it is (which is strange because they almost never actually laugh, merely smile). But they may also be a Stepford Smiler, their mask of quiet amusement only there to hide more profound emotions or a different personality all together. The Cool Big Sis or Cool Big Bro is often this type of character, they may or may not have Seen It All.

Compare Dissonant Serenity, Perpetual Smiler


Anime and Manga
  • Robin from One Piece follows this trope. In artwork she's usually seen in the background, wearing an amused smile while the rest of the crew is running around acting like idiots. Most of the time she seems above the rest of the crews weirdness, but occasionally she can say something pretty creepy. It's too much of a stretch to think she does this just to mess with people, either.
  • Mizuiro Kojima from Bleach is usually this, especially to Keigo and Ichigo. Aside from the fact that he is always calm and smiling even when his friends are being especially hyperactive, he seems very normal...and then he leaves the scene with a gaggle of hot older women and he looks about thirteen and only is about sixteen.
    • Unohana is another character with this trait, she's always seen smiling kindly, even people around her are being weird or freaking out. Somehow she even manages to threaten people while smiling kindly.
  • Tenchi's Grandfather from Tenchi Muyo! basically acts this way towards all the strange happenings at his house. It becomes somewhat apparent why when we find out he's actually Yosho, the lost Prince of Jurai, and even if he isn't used to the particular level of strangeness that IS Washu, Ryoko, Ayesha, Sasami and Mihoshi living under one roof with Tenchi, he's at least not the Na´ve Newcomer that Tenchi is.
  • Xellos behaves this way in Slayers, usually at Lina's or Zelgadis's expense. Even if he's responsible for whatever predicament they find themselves in, he contents himself to watch rather than help... unless it suits him.
    • However, do NOT mention the true name of the Lord of Nightmares in his presence. It will REALLY piss him off. And he almost NEVER shows visible anger. However, when Lina makes that mistake he merely scolds her rather harshly for mentioning the name.

  • While he is the hero, Slevin of Lucky Number Slevin claims to have a disorder which makes it impossible for him to worry about anything. So, while he is being kidnapped and accosted in his towel like a million times, he is kind of always just mildly amused. In reality there is no such disorder, and Slevin is only calm because he is actually behind the whole thing.

Video Games
  • Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss. Any of the argument he finds amusing and even was fine with allowing group to be pick pocketed when he saw everything going on just because he found it amusing and wanted to see what would happen.
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