Sociology Tropes
An index of tropes and indexes about social interaction, social behaviour and social structure

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Humans are social beings, and pretty much all works of fiction portray the social lives of them or reasonably similar entities.

Thus, tropes about social interaction, social behaviour and social structure are so common that we don't list them all here individually. Instead, see the indexes to the right.

Below follows two kinds of tropes:
  • A) Those that are about social interaction/behavior/social structure without fitting any of the indexes to the right, and
  • B) those that do fit at least one of those indexes, but contain a special focus on social structure.

Indexes (will be converted to floatbox)

Individual Tropes that have extra emphasis on social structure or doesn't fit any of the above indexes.

Tropes on sociology plot holes - lack of social structure that one could expect to be there.

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