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Adaptation Plot Removal
This is for when a plot point or Mac Guffin is removed from or changed for an adaptation.
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(I was informed by the mods that Adapted Out is for characters only and there is no alternate version of it for other things, so I'm making this. Also, we really need a new title. If anyone has any ideas please say so.)

Often times when a work is being adapted certain liberties must be taken with the source material. Whether it's due to time or length constraints, or even just because the new authors don't like it sometimes things get removed or altered beyond recognition. When the item which is removed is a person, they're considered to be Adapted Out, but when it's a plot point or MacGuffin that gets removed or altered then it's this trope.

Compare Adapted Out. Also compare Adaptation Explanation Extrication, for when the item in question is left in but the explanation behind it is removed. This trope can sometimes lead to Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole.


  • (The one that gave me the idea for this.) Early on in the Mighty Max toyline, Max's cap was a random different color in each playset, with the corresponding mini-comics explaining that the cap changed color based on some unknown factor in the worlds Max visits. This was removed completely in the Mighty Max cartoon, where the cap was red exclusively.
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