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A subtrope of Body Paint where, just before a conflict, a character will take some sort of paint -- or improvise with something closer to hand like mud or ashes -- and apply it just below the eyes. The effect is something like Tribal Face Paint or army camouflage, and the implication is clear: The Gloves are Off.

Sports players, especially for American Football, often do this during matches. Ostensibly, this is to reduce glare from the sun (this was examined by the Mythbusters, who deemed it plausible) but its hard to imagine that it's entirely accidental that they're also making themselves look like warriors.

Compare Lipstick and Load Montage, where the mouth gets painted.


Anime and Manga
  • In Princess Mononoke, just before the boars attack the mining town, there's a sequence of them using their snouts to warpaint each others' faces with mud.


Western Animation
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