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Overwhelming force and rapid speed.
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One of the more dangerous and effective ways to defeat an opponent is to employ a concentrated series of attacks on your enemy so that they cannot react any longer.

This is a bit of a gamble. Fatigue can take you, which'll keep you from finishing the job. Self-destruction is also likely to happen, if you don't have the resources needed to sustain you after the assault and/or if your exposed forward elements end up Trapped Behind Enemy Lines.

Nonetheless, if your side cannot afford attrition, and is skillful enough to pull it off, it can create a great victory. A successful assault will make you look almost like a really effective Combat Pragmatist. A failure can cause proverbial disasters like Stalingrad and Kursk.

This is the flesh and blood of force concentration, battle of annihilation and maneuver warfare, several Real Life military strategies employed both in ancient and modern times.

Contrast Attack! Attack! Attack! (when they attack without reason), Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat! (when they think better of it), Leeroy Jenkins (when you're just flat-out reckless) and Overnight Conquest (when victory is achieved via Applied Phlebotinum rather than strategy).

Compare Zerg Rush, where it's more overwhelming numbers at rapid speed than it is overwhelming force at rapid speed. Also compare Fragile Speedster (fast and frail) and Lightning Bruiser (strong, fast and tough), the latter of whom occurs when an individual fighter can both deliver an assault of attrition and tank an assault of attrition.
    Anime and manga 
  • In a massive departure from most of the Shonen-esque fights seen beforehand, the Vandenreich (themselves with a German motif) use this tactic incredibly effectively.
    • One of the first things Yhwach does is to instigate an assault on the Soul Society on the day of his war declaration, putting the Shinigami under a false sense of security, so they wouldn't be prepared for the attack.
    • The second time Yhwach uses it is when he switches his headquarters (the Schatten Bereich) with the headquarters of his opponents (the Seireitei), forcing the Shinigami to halt their training in an effort to even react.
    • When As Nodt stole Byakuya's Bankai, he used it in a way Byakuya never did, relentlessly pounding Byakuya with constant swarms of razor-sharp sakura petals.

  • In Belisarius Series one of the most notable examples is where the Romans are invading the Malwa Empire and Belisarius rides ahead with his heavy cavalry to capture the fertile Punjab region and to confuse and outmaneuver separated enemy forces. The book in fact has a Roman officer compare this offensive with an engineer's knowledge that speed combined with mass equals the actual force.

     Live action 

  • Revolution: The Monroe Republic's drone strike on the rebels in "The Longest Day" qualifies. In one attack, 270 men are killed, and only 30 men are left alive. Then you have the militia charge in overwhelming numbers. As it is, the rebels were forced to retreat.

     Tabletop Games 

  • In Traveller during the Interstellar Wars, Terran naval forces would penetrate deep into the territory of the Vilani Imperium to spread panic and disruption. The Vilani, who relied mostly on crude mass would have they plans completely mixed up. By the time they had things straightened out the Terrans would end up snatching a planet or two until they had an empire of their own. Then they switched their goal from surviving to conquering the Vilani, but continued using similar tactics.

    Video Games 

  • In the first Master of Orion, the player is allowed more attacks per turn then the AI, and the AI in a panic often diverts a fleet from it's own operations to go to rescue planets only to find that it's planets are ruined anyway, it's campaign against the player stopped and the player attacking another planet by the time the AI's fleet comes to the rescue. This glitch can allow a player to lead an AI on a merry dance. The effect is kind of like the panic caused by a successful blitzkrieg.
  • The Belkan army in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War uses Blitzkrieg tactics (even if they're not called that way) to roll over most of its neighbors within a couple of weeks.

    Real Life 
  • The Trope Namer comes from a strategy employed by Germany's Wermacht during World War II. These involved a highly mobile form of armored and motorized or mechanized infantry and artillery vehicles, backed up by close air support. Once in the enemy's rear, proceeds to dislocate them by utilizing speed and surprise, and then encircle them for the finishing touch. this tactic was meant to keep the enemy from responding to the continuously changing front. Blitzkrieg itself is German for "lightning war". Note that the word Blitzkrieg itself was coined by a New York newspaper (IIRC) and that the word was also used to describe the fast-paced military operations across the European mainland in the early stages of WW2.
  • In American Football, a blitz (named after this tactic) is an attempt by most of the defending team to immediately rush and tackle the quarterback at the start of a play. It can surprise him and shut him down before he can set up his throw, but is risky since if he does manage to pass the ball, his teammates will have little to no interference and may well have a clear run straight to the goal.
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