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Warrior of Beauty and Elegance
Agent Peacock Warrior who fights for aesthethic reasons.
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Needs a better name. Preferably one that also makes it clear that this is an Always Male trope.

This strangely specific character is a fancily-dressed guy (makeup optional) who constantly harps on about 'beauty' and 'elegance' while he slaughters innocents in search of some great aesthetic achievement. Will often seek to destroy the heroes (and anyone else who stands in their way) for the simple reason that they're 'ugly'. Essentially a fusion of the Mad Artist and The Fighting Narcissist, which it often overlaps with.

Outright narcissism is optional, though, and they'll usually fall somewhere on the spectrum between Camp Gay and Camp Straight - and while The Fighting Narcissist is busy admiring himself in the mirror, these guys are busy chasing down a true 'vision of beauty' through unrestrained slaughter. To put it to a point, The Fighting Narcissist fight in order to show off, while the Warrior of Beauty fights because he sees beauty in combat.

Keep in mind, despite their tendency towards mincing around, these guys are usually quite formidable when it comes down to the wire.

  • Juda from Fist of the North Star is one of the more narcissistic examples. Simultaneously loves and hates Rei for attaining a greater level of grace and beauty in combat than he himself could. Also looks like a drag-queen who got punched through an exploding circus and into a truck full of makeup.
  • In the Dynasty Warriors series, Zhang He plays this role. Depending on game, his appearance varies from 'Vega Whole Costume Reference' to 'Has a nicer outfit than Diao Chan (and higher heels)'. Inevitably, he'll wax poetically about beauty and elegance in battle, and yet he remains as Ambiguously Gay as it is possible to be.
  • Meanwhile, in Samurai Warriors, there's Kojirō Sasaki. He'll kill you just for being ugly, and while he doesn't actually dress that effeminately, he's nonetheless repeatedly mistaken for a girl, particularly in Samurai Warriors 2 Empires' and Warriors Orochi 2. Favorite line: "I shall give you all a beautiful'' end!"
  • The recent Asura's Wrath has Sergei. Once again, 'beauty' and 'elegance' are favorite words, and he's definitely a fashion-victim, even by the crazed dress-standard of the Demigods. Noteably, when he comes face-to-face with 'Wrath Asura' - he starts flipping out about how it's the 'ultimate beauty of anger' that he's been searching for, even as Asura proceeds to tear him apart.

Thougths? I'd really like to hear some suggestions for a more descriptive and to-the-point name...
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