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Usage of limericks in works for humor or other reasons.
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While TV Tropes loves its haiku, Don't limericks need their time too? In works of all kinds They grace our learned minds So don't be so quick to pooh-pooh!

A limerick, so it must seem, Is a poem that follows a scheme. The rhyme does not sway A-A-B-B-A With line lengths that match. Peachy-cream!

...Okay, that ends the Self-Demonstrating Article portion of this trope's description. If I go any further I'm quite sure I'll drive both of us insane.

As I said, a limerick is a poem of five lines that follows an A-A-B-B-A rhyme scheme as demonstrated above. The "A" lines usually have eight syllables, and the "B" lines five. It's a very recognizable pattern.


Video Games
  • The Limerick Dungeon in Kingdom of Loathing. Every adventure you have in there is described in the form of a limerick. For example:
    All at once you're approached by an Orc
    Who comes after you waving a spork.
    With a thud and a squish,
    Well, you make that Orc wish
    He was never dropped off by the stork.

Web Comics

Real Life
  • The third largest city in the Republic of Ireland is called Limerick.
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