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On Screen Running Stats
Stuff on the screen showing changes in important elements.
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Rolling Updates
This is when a notice is on screen to note that a key element has changed, whether it's a score in a sports game, how many Video Game Lives the players have, or the time remaining in a countdown, or just something the show wants to keep track of as a joke.

This is commonly seen in:
  • Video games as part of the interface, to keep the most important elements on screen constantly (stats for lesser elements can be seen through menus or special locations).
  • Sporting events to keep track of the score and other relevant data.
  • Any live event with a countdown, such as the time left in a game or when The Reveal teased before is shown.
  • The "Counting Gag" in video review shows.

Usually these stats are on the screen constantly, but sometimes they disappear until the element has changed.

Sometimes this gets spoofed, with minor elements having running stats, despite no relevance to what's going on (other than Rule of Funny).

Compare Heads-Up Display, Diegetic Interface.


Anime and Manga


Live Action TV
  • The Drew Carey Show: In their annual "spot the mistakes" episodes, during the repeat when they identify the mistakes there's a ticker.
  • In American Football the scores weren't constantly shown onscreen until Fox Sports started airing football in 1993. Before that they'd only show a box score when someone scored or when heading into & out of commercial breaks. Other broadcasters of football & other major sports quickly followed Fox's lead.
  • Many shows at the end of the year, such as New Year's Rockin' Eve will count down the end of the year.

  • MAD did an article imagining if shows has stats like sports shows. This included stuff like "Punches Thrown" and "Punches Landed" for Jerry Springer, and "Words Bleeped Out" and "Words that would have been bleeped out 10 years ago" for South Park.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Futurama had the episode "Three Hundred Big Boys" where Fry uses his $300 tax rebate to drink 100 cups of coffee. A counter in the lower right corner keeps track of how many cups he drinks. This actually becomes a plot point, because once he hits 100 cups, he achieves Caffeine Bullet Time.
  • In the South Park episode "It Hits the Fan" there's a running stat at the bottom of the screen showing how many times they said "shit."

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